Healthy Breakfast

Time to change

How do you start your day?

By having the same cereal each morning? Or is breakfast little more than a slice of burnt toast?:
Breakfast can be the most enjoyable, energising and versatile meal every day of the week.

With a cup of coffee while missing breakfast because you don't have time to eat?:
When every minute counts in the morning, you need a tasty and nutritious breakfast that takes just seconds to make..

Your breakfast may appear healthy, but is it really giving you what your body needs
in the morning?:

A breakfast packed with the right nutritional mix helps you stay healthier so you can continue doing the things you enjoy.

Welcome to the easiest Balanced Healthy Breakfast - nutritious food & water in a convenient form. 

Nutritionally complete Herbalife Breakfast

Balanced kilojoules, balanced nutrients, balanced protein. A breakfast with the right 
nutritional mix sets you up for the day ahead, giving you a steady stream of 
energy, rather than the short bursts common from high energy foods.
Try Herbalife's kilojoules-controlled breakfast with a good balance of protein, 

carbohydrates and other important nutrients. It's quick and easy to make 
and at less than 920KJ, it's a great alternative to grabbing a croissant 
in the morning when time is tight.

Herbalife Healthy Breakfast Programme  

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