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How to avoid food temptation

Always thinking about food? There’s a very good reason for that. Your environment may be throwing food temptation in your path at every opportunity and it’s no wonder you’re constantly thinking about food. Put simply: the food environment in which many of us live makes it too easy to eat too much.


Today, I’ll show you how to calculate your protein needs and share a a list of how much protein some common foods contain.

The amount of protein you need to eat every day depends on a lot of factors like how much you weigh, and how much muscle you have – not just whether you’re male or female.


Ten healthy breakfast ideas to boost energy

A balanced breakfast should provide you with a decent amount of protein (20-30 grams would be a good target) to help satisfy hunger and to support muscle health, along with some healthy carbohydrates which can provide sustained energy and fiber.  Carbohydrates should include – at the very least – some fruits or vegetables;  if calories allow, add some whole grains as well.


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